How to Ace Gross Anatomy

Within the didactic curriculum, Gross Anatomy is a heavy-hitter. Typically, it’s the D1 course assigned the most credits; therefore, it’s weighed the most heavily in your GPA calculation. Acing Gross Anatomy will significantly benefit your GPA and class ranking, opening opportunities for scholarships and future specialization. My advice to D1’s, above all else, is ace Gross Anatomy!

Unfortunately, many students find Gross Anatomy challenging because it requires rapid memorization of a large volume of material. As a D1, you will take ~50 credits. You are not afforded the luxury of solely focusing on Gross Anatomy. Instead, you must juggle additional courses, including cell biology, microbiology, pathology, and neuroscience. Simply put, there is not enough time in the day to study in the same manner as undergrad. Rather than working harder, you must learn to work smarter.

Working smarter involves managing your time to reap maximum results. Specifically, I recommend two key strategies: (1) exploit your grade breakdown, and (2) skip homemade study tools.

My first key strategy to succeed in Gross Anatomy is exploit your grade breakdown. Your Gross Anatomy grade is comprised of both the lecture component (written exams) and the cadaver lab component (practicals). You should carefully examine the course syllabus to identify exactly what portion of your grade each component is assigned, and then allocate your time and efforts accordingly. For example, if written exams are worth 25% of your grade, and lab practicals are worth 75% of your grade, you should allocate more study time to lab.

My second key strategy to succeed in Gross Anatomy is skip homemade study tools! In undergrad, you probably created personal study guides, outlines, or flashcards. Admittedly, I spent countless hours creating personal study guides. In retrospect, this time would have been better spent actually reviewing the material. Because dental students are strapped for time, I recommend skipping homemade study tools. Instead, consider a quality, one-stop-shop resource like Anatomy Bootcamp.

Anatomy Bootcamp is the newest study tool from the creators of DAT Bootcamp. Since 97% of pre-dental students prepare with DAT Bootcamp, you’re probably already familiar with Bootcamp’s top-notch quality; it’s modern and user-friendly. With DAT Bootcamp’s proven track record, I was eager to explore Anatomy Bootcamp.

Anatomy Bootcamp is exactly what I wished I had while in dental school: a high-quality (yet affordable) all-in-one study tool. Anatomy Bootcamp is organized into bodily regions: upper & lower limbs, back, thorax, abdomen & pelvis, head and neck. Each region contains: (1) high-yield videos, (2) corresponding outlines, and (3) quizzes with HD cadaver images. 

In my opinion, the real “gems” within this study tool are the quizzes. Anatomy Bootcamp quizzes include HD cadaver images, closely resembling what I saw on my actual Gross Anatomy practicals. Trust me, I spent countless hours scouring the internet for images of this quality to grace my personal study guides…they just don’t exist!

In addition to quality images, Anatomy Bootcamp quizzes are generated by an innovative question bank system that utilizes evidence-based learning and memorization techniques. Similar to Spaced Repetition System (SRS), you can tag a quiz question as “Learning,” “Reviewing,” and “Mastered.” If you know a structure perfectly, tag it as Mastered. If you mixed up two different structures, but had the right idea, tag it as Reviewing. And if you get a question wrong and had no idea what the right answer was, tag it as Learning. In this manner, practice makes permanent. 

As a former teacher, I tutored anatomy during my gap year at $30/hour. Relative to the rates of a private tutor, Anatomy Bootcamp is a great value. An investment in your own, early academic success will pay dividends down the road, as a strong candidate for scholarships and specialization. Anatomy Bootcamp may provide the competitive edge needed to ace Gross Anatomy. I urge all D1’s to check it out! Plus, Dental Dish subscribers will receive 10% off Anatomy Bootcamp using the promo code DISH2020.

Have you tried Anatomy Bootcamp? What additional tips do you have to ace gross? Comment below!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post by Anatomy Bootcamp. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.


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