What to Expect During D2 Year

You’ve survived D1! Congrats! The worst is OVER! 🙌🏻

Now, you may be wondering what to expect during your second (D2) year. Are the rumors true? Is D2 really the easiest year of dental school? See below for a sample course list and interview of Freddy, a dental student who just completed his D2 year! He shares some great advice to keep the momentum going during D2.

Sample Course List

Was D2 what you expected?

D2 year felt great and was what I had expected. My school-assigned “big” and upperclassmen shared their experiences…that helped give me an idea of what this year would entail.

As expected, D2 year offered more opportunities to develop hands-on dental skills, which came with great excitement! The sim-lab work was challenging though, because it was completely new and different. Every student is familiar with didactics (lectures, reading, exams), but mastering didactics plus dental sim-lab work was uncharted territory!

What did a typical day look like during the Fall Semester?

A typical day: I attended school from 9 AM-3:30 PM with a lunch break, then went to my Federal Work Study job for 2 hours. Throughout the week, I would then alternate between working out in the gym and studying in the library.

What did a typical day look like during the Spring Semester?

I believe Spring semester was harder for me. It was very similar to my fall schedule, but I was unable to work 10 hours a week. Instead, I had to devote more time to practicing in sim-lab.

What can a rising D2 do to be successful?

I admire the fun times that students have on the weekends. However, if a rising D2 would commit 5 hours every weekend to sim-lab practice, then I would guarantee success. Small things over time begin to add up; eventually, you will have a slight upper-edge on the D2 curriculum.

What can a D2 do to set themselves apart from their classmates?

  • Weekend Lab Practice
  • Early Bird Approach
  • Stay Organized with Locker

Looking back on your year, is there anything that you would have done differently?

I would have liked to fully master some advanced hand skills, for example indirect vision. I could have spent more time on the weekends in sim-lab, but it’s a tough call because I’m a family man.

Do you have any additional advice for D2’s?

Your pre-clinical fixed prosthodontics course is very valuable. I would suggest focusing on that course to go the extra mile! [Note: See my post Quick Guide for Success: Fixed Prosthodontics!]

Dr. Amaro’s D2 year:

What do you remember about your D2 year? What advice do you having for rising D2’s? Comment below!


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